Pirate Life Loose Lips Sink Ships 500ml

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First brewed for GABS back in 2016, Loose Lips Sink Ships is so gargantuan, you can’t say its name after drinking a pint of the stuff…

To brew this 12% ABV Triple IPA, 2,000 kg of premium malted barley, wheat and oats (combined) are pumped into a 5,000 litre mash tun. This supplies the beer with its formidable backbone and rich caramel hue. A staggering ‘ten’ hop varietals then sway the recipe with fruit, resin and a lip quivering 100 + IBU. Only 220 kg of hops. No big deal. Ahem!

Once poured, the nose gets thumped with tropical fruits, caramel and pine. On the palate, its viscous and dense, with fresh pineapple and malt syrup expertly restraining a rouge and unfettered bitterness. Its all of the things, all the way to eleven. Just. The way. We like it.

Loose Lips Sink Ships. Simon Says Live Large.

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