Naked Grouse 700ml

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Convention said blended malt matured and got its flavour from pre-used bourbon casks often used again and again. The casks we use have never held Whisky, therefore they are first-fill Sherry casks or Naked Casks. The blended malts are introduced to the sherry seasoned casks and left for around six months depending on when we are happy that it is ready, we release it, give it a quick chill filter to remove any grubbiness that has happened in the cask and then bottle the liquid as Naked Grouse. By now the liquid has taken on that intriguing taste that we are so proud of, some say it has dark rich cherry fruits and a refreshing citrus finish, and that may well be true. We think it is delicious and simply made to be enjoyed. Made for when you’re celebrating that liberating moment of release, that exhilarating moment when you can get back to the real you, the Naked you…

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