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It’s aged for ten years, and distilled following the traditions laid down over the last 200 years by a succession of passionate and skilled master distillers. This is a truly classic single malt Scotch, made from malted barley which is first cold-smoked and then dried over a peat fire.

The smoke from the unique Islay peat gives Laphroaig its particular rich flavor. This peated whisky is renowned for its bold, smoky taste, followed by a hint of seaweed and a surprising sweetness. Full-bodied with a long finish, it truly embodies the quintessential Laphroaig character.

The quintessential Islay malt with flavors of peat smoke and salt. Distilled the same way today as it was at creation over 75 years ago. Full-bodied and smoky with hints of seaweed and sweetness. A truly distinctive whisky, it embodies the Laphroaig house style

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