One DropT-3020 IPA 440ml

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Our hops are dying.

Humulus Lupulus is in grave danger!

A message sent back from the year 3020. A time where hop bines are dead and nothing will grow. Wort manipulators are increasingly pushed to use synthesized hop products, derivatives, oils, and solutions. With not one fresh hop cone or pellet in sight.
Our Mission: To present to you this time capsule and a taste from the future.
Iso-α-Hop: An all-aqueous, CO2 hop extraction process of isomerised-α-acids.
Incognito-Ekuanot®: A CO2 recovery hop extraction process of only hop-derived components.
Citrus Hop Extract: Propylene glycol extraction and distillation of original hop oil compounds.
HopZoil®: The result of taking only fresh hops at harvest & steam-distilling them onsite on the farm capturing all essential oils.
GMA 150-Phato®: Produced using a supercritical CO2 process which extracts soft resins & essential oils contained in hops.

Computed IBU: 71.2

Organic Strain Equivalent: Pahto • Ekuanot • El Dorado • Azacca • Cascade • Chinook Comparable Dosing Data: 14gm/L

Resistance is futile. The future is here.

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